Debbie On The Issues

Public Safety
Crime rates are rising dramatically in Riverside county. It is crucial that we provide our local Law Enforcement and Fire Department personnel with the tools and resources they need to keep our families and businesses safe. Staffing levels for these agencies must be increased as the population of Riverside County increases. The new jail in Indio must be fully funded and staffed to provide much needed bed space for inmates.      

The Homeless crises in Riverside County is out of control impacting our neighborhoods, businesses and parks where our children play. The current method of dealing with homelessness is not working as we see homeless camps in our watersheds, rivers, creeks and dry brush areas as well as our parks and play areas. Hundreds of families are experiencing homelessness in the City of Riverside. No family should be homeless in Riverside County.  It is crucial that we increase state funding, create policies and expand supportive services to help those in need. The County must do more for those who are mentally ill and have substance abuse problems to get the help they need to become productive members of society.

Riverside County freeways are fast becoming gridlocked due to increased commuters forced to travel to and from Orange and Los Angeles Counties. Adding to the hundreds of thousands of cars commuting every day are the thousands of logistics trucks added daily to the commute going to and from the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles every day. Commute times have increased dramatically in the past few years.

Building more lanes and creating toll lanes will not resolve the transportation nightmare. At the current pace freeways will come to a crawl during weekdays forcing vehicles and trucks to use local roads as alternative routes to the ports and jobs. The toll lanes will add to the cost of commuting to work forcing more vehicles to use regular lanes.

Job Plan
Put the Economic Development Agency in Riverside County back to work creating real jobs here in Riverside County. It is time to stop the mass exodus of people commuting from Riverside County to other Counties. Attracting big corporations and manufacturing companies must be a priority. Instead the County is putting all their resources in approving massive warehouses that provide low paying temp jobs.

Work with regional leaders and universities to promote medical centers, corporate headquarters, manufacturing, federal, state and local facilities in Western Riverside County. Riverside County does have trained, educated and professional workers that would love to work close to home.

Debbie understands the needs of veterans and believes that we must never forget what they sacrificed to protect our freedom. Debbie's husband was a Vietnam Veteran who served honorably in the Navy on swift boats and tugboats. His father served in World War II in the Pacific Theater and his grandfather served in World War I in the trenches of France.

Debbie will work to get veterans the healthcare that they deserve, provide more housing and services for homeless veterans and fund programs that assist all veterans with services, benefits and job training.