Meet Debbie

Debbie Walsh

Debbie Walsh was born in Southern California and attended Riverside Community College earning an Associate of Arts Degree, the University of California, Riverside earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science/Administrative Studies and California Baptist University earning a Master of Public Administration Degree.

Over 30 years ago, Debbie moved to Riverside County to raise horses and enjoy a rural lifestyle. For over 30 years, Debbie has worked to protect our communities by speaking before the Board of Supervisors, Planning Commission and numerous other government bodies to implement policy changes to improve the quality of life for residents living within the 1st District of Riverside County. Debbie organized hundreds of community events, while pushing through a rural community plan and community trails system.

Debbie was part of the Riverside City/County Arroyo Committee that successfully developed the Arroyo Watershed Policy Study Guide designed to protect the numerous arroyos, hills, and streams in the City of Riverside and nearby Woodcrest. The Greenbelt, Victoria Ave. and Hills are an important part of what makes Riverside a special place to live.

Debbie spoke out against the DHL night flights that disrupted sleep to thousands of Orangecrest, Mission Grove and Canyon Crest residents. She walked the streets of Riverside against Measure L that would have devastated Measure C and Prop R that preserve the hillsides, arroyos and open space greenbelt in the City of Riverside. Debbie is still speaking out for the rights of residents in the battle against massive logistics warehouses being approved next to our schools, churches, playgrounds and homes.

Debbie has been fighting hard against logistics warehouses for years and her group RAMV just won a lawsuit against two massive logistics warehouses for violations of CEQA. Our current Supervisor approved these warehouses even though it was clear there are numerous CEQA violations in the EIR. These massive warehouses are being built right next to our homes, churches, schools and playgrounds. The trucks from these warehouses are impacting the air we breathe which is among the worst in the nation. The freeways are already over capacity sending logistics trucks into our neighborhoods to bypass congested freeways. Yet, our Riverside County Supervisor continues to approve more of these massive warehouses and their thousands of trucks without any infrastructure improvements to accommodate the additional traffic.

While in college, Debbie worked as a Legislative Intern for Riverside County and was later hired full time as the Supervisor's Legislative Assistant gaining valuable knowledge and experience in County government. During the next five years, she assisted constituents throughout the First District to improve their quality of life.

Debbie has the experience and knowledge to tackle the tough challenges that Riverside County faces today and in the future. There is a choice, maintain the status quo with increased crime, homelessness, traffic congestion, commute times, gridlocked streets and budget deficits or make a change to improve Riverside County and your quality of life.

Mead Valley Fair Debbie organizing the Mead Valley Fair

Seniorlunch Thanksgiving dinner was served at the Wildomar Senior Center. Debbie has been an advocate for seniors for over 20 years.

Mead Valley Trails
Debbie was instrumental in pushing the Mead Valley trails and Community Plan through to adoption.